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Aby nie zaprzepaścić łaski, czyli kilka słów o wieku bierzmowania.
Typ publikacjiArtykuł
Autor dr Aleksandra Brzemia-Bonarek
Język publikacjipolski
Data publikacji10-2015
Numer zeszytu16
Strony55 - 70
The above article refers to the issue of the age of confirmation in contemporary praxis of the Catholic Church. Poland is among the countries with the higest age (15-16 years old) in lawful access to the sacrament of confimation. Such particular rule was promulgated by the Conference of Episcopy in 1975 and maintained in force in 1999. Critical analisys in Polish scientific enviroment (J. Salij 1978, M. Pastuszko 1982, Z. Janczewski 1999, 2008) has not increased the impulse to introduce the proposed changes of minimalization the reserved age of conformation. However, the newest data obtained from the Catholic world indicate and prove that back to the traditional order of the Sacraments of Initiation - which effectively changes the age of Confirmation preparation and reception – helps the believers to understand the interelation and strict connection between Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. In this publication a particular case solved by Congregation of Divine Workship and the Discipline of the Sacraments was presented and discussed in order to enforce the Polish theologist, canon lawers, bishop, pastors and laity to open widely the doors for the changes of particular law by no more denying young persons in their formative years the grace of the Holy Spirit .
Słowa kluczowePL
wiek bierzmowania, odmowa dopuszczenia do sakramentu bierzmowania
sacrament of confirmation, age of confirmation, denial of reception of the sacrament
Tytyłu czasopismaBielsko- Żywieckie Studia Teologiczne
WydawcaInstytut Teologiczny im. Św. Jana Kantego w Bielsku-Białej