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Facoltà speciali all’indomani della riforma del diritto penale canonico. Linee di sviluppo normativo
Typ publikacjiArtykuł
Autoro. dr hab. Przemysław Michowicz
Język publikacjiinny
Data publikacji1-4-2014
Liczba arkuszy1
Strony95 - 112
The main purpose of this doctrinal contribution was to analyze the special fac-ulties, recently promulgated, and granted by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI to three Congregations of the Roman Curia: Doctrine of the Faith, Evangelizations of Peoples, Clergy. This specific analysis was realized under the profile of the cases in question and the procedure to be applied. The particular way of presentation the contents was also addressed not only to reveal the novelty in legal formulation of the substantive norms – gradually intro-duced throughout few years – but also to its actual influence to the possible penal ius novissimum, which reform is being prepared. Awaiting the insufficiency of the universal canon law in the theme discussed together with the scarce compatibility of the special faculties with the entire canonical legal system, the point of arrival was to advance some doctrinal proposal in order to solve efficaciously the actual penal problems, which emerge form the reality.
Słowa kluczoweEN
special faculties, penal law, right of defense, dismissal from the clerical state, process in iure condendo.
Tytyłu czasopismaRoczniki Nauk Prawych