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Publikacje pracownicze

Tutela giuridica della professione religiosa ad tempus emissa,
Typ publikacjiArtykuł
Autoro. dr hab. Przemysław Michowicz
Język publikacjiinny
Data publikacji4-3-2016
Liczba arkuszy1
Strony225 - 241
The question, which launched our study, concerns the problem of the legal possibilities carried out in order to protect canonically the state of the consecrated life even though assumed temporary. Firstly, the Author tries to focus on the meaning of the canonical state and canonical status of the consecrated persons. The purpose is to highlight the fact that it is not appropriate to simply consider condicio as the state sic et simpliciter in the meaning of the legislation of the 1983 Code. In the second moment, the Author analyses the hypothesis relates to lose the proper canonical status, especially this one assumed ad tempus. The question the Au-thor tries to answer concerns legal possibilities and appropriates manners in order to protect the single consecrated religious. By way of conclusion, the Author presents the main novelty of this paper that relates to the pre-establishment of the proof. In this perspective, it is very convenient for both the religious Authority and an individual religious to document the proper acts/activities even though, in case of the legal Superiors, deprived of binding force.
Słowa kluczoweEN
canonical state, condicio, consecrated life, religious profession, pre-establishment of proof.
Tytyłu czasopismaThe Person and the Challenges
Identyfikator DOIDOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15633/pch.1666