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Godność ludzkiego życia i umierania
Typ publikacjiRozdział
Autorks. prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Biesaga SDB
Język publikacjipolski
Data publikacji8-2015
Link do publicznie dostępnego pełnego tekstuhttp://biesaga.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/133.-Godno%C5%9B%C4%87-osoby-ludzkiej-a-normy-etyczne.pdf
Liczba arkuszy1
Numer rozdziałuczęść III
Strony487 - 506
THE DIGNITY OF HUMAN LIVING AND DYING Summary The article undertakes an analysis of how losing the proper approach to human life in post-Cartesian philosophy and nihilist philosophy takes in undermining the sense of human life, fosters pro-euthanasia mentality, and creates the culture of death. The post-Cartesian dialectics of naturalism and spiritualism - by breaking and reducing human life either to the natural subhuman reality or to the utopian superhuman reality - detaches human life from its ontic and axiological foundations and pushes it into the abyss of nihilism. The loss or nihilation of the value of human life is accompanied by a loss of the concept of human dignity. Previously the notion of the dignity of human person served to defend man against threats posed on him by impersonal social, technical or political processes. Now, illegitimately narrowing it - by naturalistic and utilitarian currents, and by the ethics of quality of life - only to men currently aware starts to be used to eliminate those who do not meet this narrow requirement by abortion or euthanasia. Without a proper answer to questions: who man is, why he came into existence, and what the purpose of his life is, one cannot overcome the fear of passing away, suffering and death, the fear which generates increasingly clear trends against human life. Overcoming tight approaches to man, to his dignity and his life, paves the way for the humanization of our civilization.
Tytyłu książkiSpór o początek i koniec życia ludzkiego, Zadania współczesnej metafizyki t. 17
Data publikacji2015
Numer ISBNISBN 978-83-60144-83