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Publikacje pracownicze

Teologia pielgrzymowania
Typ publikacjiRozdział
Autorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
ks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Liczba pozostałych autorów30
Redaktorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Język publikacjiinny
Data publikacji9-2016
Liczba arkuszy0,75
Strony13 - 24
The author analyzes theology of pilgrimage on the base of selected scriptures of the Old and New Testament (especially the way of Abraham, Exodus of Israel from Egypt, excerpts of the Epistles of Paul) and on the base of church documents. Biblical stories are prophetic announcements of Church understood as the faithful on the pilgrimage, which is a symbol of a humane journey to the encounter with God in the eternity. The author formulates practical conclusions for the pilgrimage ministry and for pilgrims themselves. He focuses first on the moment of taking up the journey when decision on the future is made by the pilgrim (entrusting to God, stating purposes, strengthening religious motivations of the pilgrimage, surrendering to God's providence). In the next stage, he discusses journey alone, which is the time of trial and strengthening the pilgrim. Duration of pilgrimage is measured not only by time in literal meaning (chronos), but by time of fulfillment of plans of God (kairos). Making pilgrimage is not only getting across space in topographical meaning, but spiritual journey of conversion, renewal, deepening faith and approaching God.
Słowa kluczoweEN
pielgrzymowanie, pielgrzym, Biblia, teologia pielgrzymowania, duszpasterstwo pielgrzymkowe
pilgrimage, pilgrim, Bible, theology of pilgrimage, pilgrimage ministry
Tytyłu książkiPielgrzymi, drogi, miejsca święte. Duszpasterstwo w kontekście podróży, Pilgern, Wege, Heilige Orte. Seelsorge im Kontext von Menschen unterwegs
Data publikacji9-2016
Numer ISBN978-83-7643-120-8