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Die Bedeutung der Heiligtümer für die christliche, nationale und europäische Identität
Typ publikacjiRozdział
Autorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
ks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Redaktorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Język publikacjiinny
Data publikacji9-2016
Liczba arkuszy0,58
Strony263 - 274
The role of holy pilgrimage places in creating the Christian, national and European identity. The author defines a term of identity first and then describes its types: identity of a person, social and cultural identity, identity of a nation and the region of Europe. He points out its components and draws attention to the fact that it is related to the concept of unity. Invoking Biblical texts on granting identity (connection, unity) a Christian with Christ and Church the author focuses particularly on the problem of religious identity. He emphasises the fact that Christians on pilgrimage to sacred places can rediscover their faith identity what results in building up a closer relationship with God and Church. On the one hand, shrines play a role of integrating entire regions, unite them spiritually, on the other hand, they spread carried by them values such as: religious life, piety and Christian culture. Furthermore, the author describes chosen examples of this mutual influence precisely. Moreover, he indicates that religion intertwines with social and national life at this point. Finally, he relates all those mentioned above to the continent of Europe which is rich in pilgrimage tradition.
Słowa kluczoweEN
Identity, Europe, nation, pilgrimage, shrine
Tytyłu książkiPielgrzymi, drogi, miejsca święte. Duszpasterstwo w kontekście podróży, Pilgern, Wege, Heilige Orte. Seelsorge im Kontext von Menschen unterwegs
Data publikacji9-2016
Numer ISBN978-83-7643-120-8