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Die Jugend in den Augen der Päpste, basierend auf ihren Ansprachen, wärend der Weltjugendtage
Typ publikacjiRozdział
Autorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
ks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Liczba pozostałych autorów6
Redaktorzyks. prof. dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski
Język publikacjipolski
Data publikacji8-2017
Liczba arkuszy1.0
Strony31 - 46
The author analyses and comments on speeches given by the popes: John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis during thirteen celebrations of World Youth Days. Because of a great number of these he focuses mainly on the ones given during central events. The author aims to answer the question about the condition of the youth of today presented by the popes. Although there is no direct description of the situation of modern youth it can be concluded indirectly on the basis of discussed issues what phenomena among young people raise hope and which cause concern. In most cases tone of papal speeches is positive. Popes see good features in the youth what gives hope and they very rarely speak about negative aspects of lives of the young. A positive call is a response to a negative influence to which the current young generation is exposed. The popes put emphasis on the necessity of establishing close relationship with Christ by the youth and arousing within them faith having a nature of personal encounter with God. They want to realise young people the whole truth about human in the light of the Gospel, draw attention to proper understanding of freedom, explain the importance of the Church and relation a Christian to the Church. Finally, they stress dynamism and enthusiasm of the youth, encourage them to take responsibility for the evangelising mission and apostleship.
Słowa kluczoweEN
John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, World Youth Day, condition of the youth of today
Tytyłu książkiMłodzież nadzieją Kościoła. Czy Kościół nadzieją młodzieży. Die Jugend als Hoffnung der Kirche – Ist die Kirche ein Hoffnungsträger für die Jugend?
Data publikacji8-2017
Numer ISBN9788376431284
WydawcaUnum Kraków