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Culture of the USA (2016/17)

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Wymagania wstępne


Students will learn about the diversity of the United States and be able to apply these notions to their own culture and the world. They will gain an understanding of the history of the United States and how the past influences the present.


Students will have a greater understanding of the complexity of all cultures, not just the United States. Students will be able to analyze a variety of media and recognize biases. Furthermore, students will gain English public speaking experience through debate and class activities.

Attitudes and transferrable (generic) competencies:

Students will form a deeper appreciation of a diverse society, seeing how each differing social group adds to the value of the whole. This class will encourage students to see past stereotypes and think critically about cultural formation. Students will learn to think about varying points of view before forming opinions.


Attitudes/ generic competencies include social skills: e.g. the ability to teach others, communication skills, the ability to set priorities, to solve problems, preparation for lifelong learning, the ability to work with others as both the member and the leader of a team as well as the other components of professionalism).
a. Students will be able to identify bias in a variety of literature and the influence of the media on cultural development.
b. Students will analyze the challenges and benefits presented by a multicultural society.
c. Students will be able to identify key cultural trends and their roots (politically, racially, etc.).

Treści kształcenia

Throughout this course, students will examine the differing social components of the United States that contribute to the country’s multiculturalism. This course will explore the causes and effects of a pluralistic society.

Sposoby sprawdzania i warunki zaliczenia

a. Ongoing assessment (weekly participation grades) 40%
b. Debates 20%
c. Final Essay 40%

Lektury podstawowe

a. Students will need to have regular access to the internet in order to view the week’s assignment and readings. Readings will include academic articles and non-academic content like blogs, news articles, etc.
b. Class website to be accessed every week: usculture.strikingly.com
c. Excerpts from American Ways: An Introduction to American Culture, Fourth Edition. By Maryanne Kearny Datesman, JoAnn Crandall, Edward N. Kearny, New York 2014,
d. Excerpts from American Cultural Studies: An introduction to American culture/ Neil Campbell and Alasdair Kean. — 3rd ed., New York 2012,
e. Excerpts from The Cambridge Companion to Modern American Culture / Christopher Bigsby, New York 2006,
f. Excerpts from American Icons: An encyclopedia of the people, places, and things that have shaped our culture/edited by Dennis R. Hall and Susan Grove Hall,Westport 2006