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Business ethics and CSR (2018/19)

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Wymagania wstępne



During the lecture, the student learns the main issues of business ethics and its characteristics.

Treści kształcenia

The lecture discusses the general characteristics of business ethics and issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), business concepts in the history of philosophy, theories of relations between the moral community and the business sphere, ethical criteria in business, the "profitability" of business ethics, ethics and ethical issues in internal relations companies.

T_1 Introduction. General characteristics of business ethics.
T_2 Business ethics and ethics in business: the emergence of business ethics, sources of business ethics, who needs business ethics, homo oeconomicus.
T_3 The idea of ​​corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ethical regulations in companies on the example of Gogle and Nivea Polska
T_4 CSR - tools and implementation themes
T_5 Business ethics in the ethical concepts of the classics.
T_6 Business ethics in Christian thought
T_7 Moral responsibility in business. Theories of relation between the moral community and the business sphere. The concept of three E. The criterion of OZM.
T_8 The profitability of business ethics. Rational and irrational value.
T_9 SRI - ethical investment. The problem of investment in unethical undertakings.
T_10 Ethical buying
T_11 Transparency as a value in business
T_12 Employee relations - company workaholizm, mobbing, fair pay
T_13 Relations between the company and public administration bodies: lobbying, corruption
T_14 Corporate-client relations: ethical advertising

Efekty kształcenia

EW_1 He knows the general state of research in the field of business ethics (K_W05).

Metody dydaktyczne

M_1 Lecture

Sposoby sprawdzania i warunki zaliczenia

W_1 Oral exam

Oral exam in the examination session, the date of which will be determined no later than 2 weeks before the end of the class. During the exam students will receive three questions in the field of knowledge provided by the teacher during lectures. The purpose o