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Erasmus students about UPJPII Cracow

Incoming Erasmus+ Students - Welcome!

Any student who wishes to do an Erasmus is faced with with a tough choice: which city should I choose? There are so many awesome choices out there, that you may be at a loss at first. Luckily, there’s this really cool way of deciding where should you go and we hope this short movie about Erasmus students at our University will tell you something more about us.

-Erasmus+ Christmas movie 2017/2018 
-Erasmus+ students 2016/2016
-Erasmus+ movie 2015/2016

Erasmus+Students introduce their countries' habits

Lectures: Photo Journalism
Teacher:  Grzegorz Kozakiewicz 

Erasmus+ students about Cracow experince!

CRACOW-The Old Town receives the spring . March 29 was the day of Rekawka, the traditional cracowian festival in which people say finally goodbye to winter in a special environment.  Settled in one of the most important hills of the city, Krakus Mound, this festival allows hundreds people, once for year, to relive the medieval atmosphere.  According to the ancient Slavic legend, people piled his grave ruler wearing the earth in his hands and sleeves, which is reflected in the name. In turn, the Slavic etymology points to the root associated with the burial - (Serb cancer - grave, Czech rakev - coffin), which emphasizes even more explicitly the relationship of this tradition from the grave of the legendary Krak. 

Surrounded by kids of all ages and families dressed for the occasion the show starts with the warriors running in full armor around the Mound. Walking to the way was easy to admire as to buy a lot of  handmade-gadgets  thanks  to the numerous  medieval stands available in the whole area.  After the girlish spring procession, the divination act of prosperity and all the reproduction of Slavic myths, people come all together to join the most awaited moment of the festival: the battle of Gods and their armies  finalized with the burial of mighty Slowianka.

Lecture: Photo Journalism
Teacher: Grzegorz Kozakiewicz
Foto: Erasmus students 2015/2016

Cracow as seen from the sidewalk! 
Students of the course Photo Journalism at UPJPII trying to show the Market Square and Planty, sidewalks, backyards and stalls in Cracow!

Lecture: Photo Journalism

Teacher: Grzegorz Kozakiewicz
Foto: Erasmus students 2015/2016