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Guide for International Erasmus Students

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Guide for International Erasmus StudentsZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania Guide for International Erasmus Students

Dear ERASMUS student, We are pleased that you have chosen to spend your study period abroad at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. This information and guide will help you prepare for your time as a student at our University. Above all, you will find practical information on the basic formalities before and after your arrival in Cracow. We look forward to welcoming you to the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow and to the city of Cracow! We wish you a pleasant and successful time at our university. Your ERASMUS Team at the Centre for Scientific Research and International Cooperation.

Information forinternationall students and about our University.

It will also help you to overcome obstacles and avoid many problems. If you have any further questions, you can always contact your departmental ERASMUS Coordinator or our Office: erasmus@upjp2.edu.pl or  +48 12 428 60 36

Our country: Poland

What and how can we tell you about Poland? Let’s start by saying that Poland lies in Central Europe, borders the Baltic Sea to the north, and is Europe’s ninth largest country. It has a population of over 38 million people, and the average age is 36. Poland is divided into 16 voivodeships (provinces), and its national currency is Złoty (PLN). Our country is a member of NATO, the UN and the European Union (since 2004). Poland’s GDP makes it the EU’s sixth largest economy. If you are planning to study in Poland, we should tell you about this country in a different way. Poland is a place where Slavic and Western cultures meet and permeate each other. It’s a country that enables you to spend hot summer afternoons relaxing at the seaside, and in winter you can let off some steam in snowy mountains. Poland combines typically eastern hospitality and openness with western modernity and trust in new technologies. The country, which borders the Baltic Sea to the north and the Tatra Mountains to the south, is home to approximately 2 million students. Young Poles are educated Europeans who know their value and are optimistic and ready to face new challenges.

More inforamtion: 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania go polandZnalezione obrazy dla zapytania go poland

Dear International Students, please check this website:http://go-poland.pl/

Study in Krakow


Link: Study in Kraków

Students who choose to study abroad in Krakow complete their courses at Jagiellonian University. Founded in 1364 by King Kazimierz the Great, it is Poland’s oldest university and one of the oldest in Central Europe. Students complete classes in English with visiting students in Jagiellonian’s Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities and Social Sciences. The university offers Polish language, civilization and culture classes. Students can also take up to two classes per semester with Polish students that are taught in English in American studies, business and communications, European studies, psychology, sociology and more. Whether students choose to focus on Polish studies or take classes in other disciplines, living and studying in Krakow provides an incredible education.

City Information

This former capital of Poland has always been famous for its beauty, charm and culture. With a student population of 150,000, the city has a youthful and energetic vibe. Young and old people alike stroll through the main market square throughout the day and evening. Krakow is unique in its beauty; unlike most Polish cities, Krakow’s structures survived WWII virtually undamaged. UNESCO has since included the city on it’s list of World Heritage Sites. St. Mary’s Church, with its dark blue ceiling lined with stars, and the Wawel Castle are two of the city’s most significant historical treasures. This lively and beautiful city is easily navigable either on foot or using the tram system. The friendly and welcoming people of Poland await students in Krakow!

Why Krakow?

Chanting Main Market Square filled with cafés, restaurants and jazz clubs:

  • Active student life

  • Polish hospitality and cuisine

  • Close to the Tatra Mountains – great for hiking and skiing

  • Poland’s cultural capital

  • Mid-sized city – easy to walk everywhere

  • A city of kings, popes, poets, Nobel and Oscar prize winners